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We are extremely thoughtful on our rates as we realize as fellow writers and artists that every dollar counts. Our passion is to help writers grow and give them awesome sound recordings! Female Prices below are for male vocals included. Female vocals are an additional 150.00.

Our 2 piece

Our 3 piece

Every guitar vocal will sound crisp and like you are RIGHT there in room. The acoustic will pull you in and the pro vocalist will be full of emotion and in pitch.  




Like the guitar vocal demo, you will feel you are in the same room. What we add in this selection is a beautiful bass guitar to move the progression along and drums to give it more of a fuller feel.



Our 5 piece

Our 5 piece features drums, bass guitar acoustic and electric guitars, lead guitar and lead and harmony vocals.  This is what we in nashville call the 5 piece demo. It is  production demo that will really outline your song for the artists and producers who listen to it!






Our 7 piece

Our 7 piece is our most popular demo package. This features drums, bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitars, keys and either a fiddle or a steele part. Lead and Harmony vocals are also included! This package includes complimentary mastering which is a 75.00-150.00 value free!  You will receive both  unmastered version as well as your complimentary mastered version!  



Add a melody to your lyrics for an additional